On June 24, 2001, I was fortunate to make contact with the International Space Station (NA1SS).  I made the contact under my old call sign, KG4MDB.

Susam Helms (KC7NHZ) was the astronaut.


QSL card _ Front

QSL card _ Back

Worldwide downlink for voice 145.80
Worldwide packet uplink/downlink 145.825
Region 1 voice uplink 145.20
Region 2 and 3 voice uplink 144.49
Worldwide uplink for cross band voice repeater
Worldwide SSTV downlink
Callsigns for the ISS
Dan Burbank KC5ZSX
Anton Shkaplerov N/A
Anatoly Ivanishin N/A
Oleg Kononenko RN3DX
Don Pettit KD5MDT
Andre Kuipers PI9ISS
Russian callsigns RS0ISS, RZ3DZR
U.S.A. callsign NA1SS
German callsign DP0ISS
Packet station mailbox callsign RS0ISS-11
Packet station keyboard callsign RS0ISS-3
Packet Digipeater ARISS
For more information on the procedures used to contact the international space station, please visit the ARISS Web site.