Meet the Maidon’s

Hi there! My name is Dennis and I am the Chief Mechanical Inspector for Wake County.  I currently serve on the Board of Directors for the NC Mechanical Inspectors Association as Vice-President.  I also serve as Secretary and a NC Director on the Board of ICC Region 8.  I am the webmaster for the NCMIA, ICC Region VIII and the Metro Atlanta Inspectors Association.  I do some programming in Visual Basic and my current project is WxTweeter.

Back in the 90′s during the height of popularity for BBS sites, I wrote BBS Door Games under the name of PAROLE Software.  My BBS was named The Parole Board BBS.

I am married to Brenda who is retired from the NC Department of Revenue after 28 years of service.  She is currently the groundskeeper and gofetcher for the family.

We have 2 daughters, Wendy and Janet.   We are the proud grand parents of 5 wonderful grandkids.  Our granddaughters are Ashley and Erica and we have 3 grandsons, Anthony, Wyatt and Joshua.

We currently have 9 fuzzy kids.

  • Tips (Thrown out beside road – Stray that we adopted in 2002)
    • Cookie (Born March 28, 2003 (Tips))
    • Dale (Born March 28, 2003 (Tips))
  • Bandit (Stray we adopted in 2007 (Born 2007) – Thrown out beside road – Adopted)
  • Mama Kitty (Discovered her coming out of the pump house back in 2012.  She had a litter of 5 kittens.  She had another litter of two in September of that year.)
    • Mittens (Born April 15, 2012 (Mama Kitty)
    • Brownie (Born September 15, 2012 (Mama Kitty))
    • Gizmo (Born September 15, 2012 (Mama Kitty))
  • Smokey (Found deserted under a house in September 2013 (Born: August 2013) – Adopted)

These are our kids.  Through the years we have lost some family members, the most recent being Nosey, brother of Mittens (4/14/15).  In 2011 we lost Bosco.  We lost BJ in 2004 and his partner of 15 years, Weenie in 2002.  Slik left us in 2001.

The last week of April 2014 someone had thrown out a dog that was pregnant.  We didn't discover the puppies until 7 of the eight had died.  We starting feeding the mom and named her Sandy.  The surviving pup is named Butch.  They are both very loving and the first canine members of the family.


Grand Kids


Erica and Ashley

 Wyatt, Joshua and Anthony